New product release of M230/M237 series WiFi access control

Dear users, the newly designed WiFi intelligent access control all-in-one series sparkles on the stage! Through the support of challenging extremely narrow design, anti-strong magnetic door, access control professional time period and mobile APP mobile management, this series of products push the design aesthetics, security, professionalism and convenience of access control to a new height. we challenge ourselves, innovate constantly, and bring some different beautiful things to the world.

🚪M230/M237 series access control: the perfect combination of safety and convenience🚪

Multiple verification mode

The M230/M237 series of access control all-in-one machines will integrate a variety of authentication methods, including fingerprint identification, Bluetooth identification and card swiping identification, which means that you are free to choose the authentication method that best suits you according to your specific needs and occasions to ensure a high level of security.

Ultra-narrow frame Design of 44mm

44mm ultra-narrow frame design, suitable for most narrow frame door installation. The narrow frame design makes the device look more stylish and beautiful.

Design of Metal + 2.5D toughened Glass

Metal + 2.5D toughened glass design makes the equipment more sturdy and durable, with a high-grade sense, and can resist potential threats and rubbing.
2.5D tempered glass has a soft Radian edge to provide a better tactile experience.

Anti-strong magnetic door

The design of anti-high-intensity magnetic door can prevent bad elements from using strong magnetic field to interfere with or illegally open the access control, and improve the safety and protection ability of the access control.

Time schedule

Support professional access control time schedule management, administrators can customize the access rights in different time periods according to the needs, and improve the security and management flexibility.

Mobile APP management

Through the mobile phone APP management equipment, open the door remotely, without computers and other back-end operation, simple and convenient, open a new era of mobile management.

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