Intelligent Cloud Intercom Access Control

Cloud Intercom,Android System,High Performance CPU,Digital Gate Machine

Product Introduction:

V6130 Intelligent Cloud door intercom realizes cloud intercom access control for video calls with visitors through mobile phone APP,
supports door phone calling mobile phone APP, indoor phone, mobile phone cellular phone and other functions, metal shell design,
Android system, high-performance CPU, supports communication networks around the world, and supports many ways to open the
door, such as swiping card, password, visitor temporary password and so on. It is suitable for the installation and use of residential
areas, apartments, schools, hospitals, parks, offices and other scenes.


  • Integrate the functions of cloud visual intercom, local visual intercom and access control by swiping card password.
  •  1.8G high-speed CPU, Android.
  • Optional 4G communication with standard Ethernet.
  • Multiple unlocking methods: mobile Bluetooth / mobile remote / optional QR code / swiping card / password unlocking /
    optional telephone transfer unlocking / indoor unit unlocking, etc.
  • Epidemic prevention: optional temperature measurement function.
  • 200W low illumination camera.
  • Appearance design: ultra-thin, elegant and stunning high-end design, silver, gold optional.
  • Remote cloud management to minimize on-site management.
  • Support security capture: video information collection of entry and exit personnel, early warning.
  • Seiko, equipment waterproof grade IP54.


Main chipA53 1.8G main frequencyMemory2GB
Storage16GBDoor opening verification modeCard, Password, Remote, Bluetooth,Video Intercom
Radio frequency card typeIC (ISO144443A/B), ID optional supportPress the keyMetal physics button, 12 key
Networking modeEthernet, optional 4GCard capacity100000
Bluetooth door opening
Barrier-free within 10 metersCamera200W
Supplementary lampWhite light supplementary lampCue lampRed, green and white cue lights
Access control input and
All the way out the door switch, one door magnetic input and one door outputAlarm input1-way alarm input
Weigen interface1-way Weigen output interfaceRS485 interface1-way RS485 interface, optional configuration for ladder control linkage
Shell materialMetal, tempered glassWaterproof gradeIP54
Operating temperature-30℃~80℃Working humidity10-90%
Power specification12V/2AEquipment size128.2*47.5*330mm

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