Thinmoo Smart Park Platform

Five Requirements of Park Management

Employee Management

 Fee Collection 

 Safety Management 

Venue Management 

Park  Management 

♦Establish a real-time monitoring and monitoring system of high-definition intelligent video for the entire park;
♦ Graphical display of event occurrence process monitoring;
♦Cooperate with the access control system for comprehensive control   

♦Effective management and control of the park site;
♦ Rent, water and electricity payment can be managed and controlled;
♦Employee attendance is based on 

♦Monitoring center command dispatch and on-site;
♦ Combination of disposal;
♦Quickly and efficiently handle sudden accidents;
♦Maintenance and repair can be contacted at any time, and orders can be dispatched

Eight Modules

♦Information release control system
♦Fee collection management system
♦Parking lot management system
♦Site Management System
♦Access control monitoring security system
♦OA office system
♦Repair and maintenance system
♦Real estate management system



· Fee Collection Management System
The fee collection management system can realize the park’s early warning reminders for rent, parking fees, and water and electricity fees, late payment alarms, and blacklist management of serious overdue payments;
✔Water and electricity payment;
✔ Parking payment;
✔ Rent payment;
✔Payment control (early warning, reminder);
✔ Blacklist management;
✔Bill statement.
·Smart Parking System
Thinmo Smart Parking System adopts “APP + license plate recognition” double identification authentication, which not only improves the traffic efficiency, but also ensures the management demands of vehicle safety, and perfectly solves the strict management method of foreign vehicles

✔Unattended, reducing labor;
✔Real-time payment, convenient and fast;
✔Intelligent identification, anti-following function;
✔Financial statements, revenue and expenditure are clear;
✔ Emergency, backup plan.

· Site Management System
The park site  management system cooperates with “hardware access control” + “software platform”, which improves the efficiency and convenience of park services on the premise of facilitating park users

♦Unattended, reducing labor;
♦Appointment function, convenient and quick;
♦Intelligent identification, anti-stranger;
♦ Timely reminder, effective control;
♦Blacklist management (prevention of property loss)

· Site Management System
The access control system is a smart cloud video intercom product combined with smart phones, providing remote video calls, one-key call management center, remote smart unlocking, dynamic visitor password unlocking, multimedia advertisement delivery, mobile phone detection and automatic door opening, etc.

Video Intercom and Unlock :
The resident extension can see the visitor’s image on the outdoor station, press the “call button” for two-way communication, and press the “unlock” button to open the door remotely

Attendance Function:
Users can realize the punching function on the face recognition machine or fingerprint recognition machine

Security Alarm:

The emergency alarm function is integrated, and the emergency alarm function can be used to report to the park management center in case of an emergency

Remote Call:
Can realize remote call to open the door, remote call dialogue call

Management Center :
Residents can directly press the “Management Office” button on the extension to call the door guard security, and after the call is through, they will have a two-way intercom with the door guard security

Face Recognition Access Control:
Automatically capture the passing faces in real time, compare the face images with the registered face information database, and open the door if successful

·Intelligent Monitoring System
Thinmo Smart Intelligent Monitoring System is committed to improving the safety and management level of the park, better protecting the personal and property safety of owners, and creating a more comfortable working environment. The system should have a highly reliable and fault-tolerant system to reduce the pressure on managers, and the system should be a cost-effective system

♦Full coverage of the whole area;
♦Stranger identification alarm;
♦Big data access to public security;
♦ Key personnel management and control;
♦Peripheral intrusion warning;
♦High-definition smart camera.

· Information Release Management System
The information release management system can release park announcements and notification information, and can be designated to realize the user sign-in function. It greatly facilitates the information exchange between park managers and park owners.

✔Announcement released
✔ Announcement release
✔ Information sign-in function
✔Advertisement rental release

·Big Data Analysis System

 ♦Ability to collect multiple data sources;
♦Real-time data storage and query;
♦The efficiency of personnel management and control has been greatly improved

Highlight 1: Unsupervised
♦When unattended, the entire park can be supervised;
♦24 hours*7 all day supervision;
♦ Automatically turn on the alarm at night.

Highlight 2: Parking lot Automation
♦Vehicle capture;
♦Display of vehicle passing information; ♦Automatic release of vehicles.

Highlight 3:Alarm Linkage
♦When the perimeter system is triggered by personnel intrusion, the speed dome rotates to the corresponding alarm point;
♦The alarm image is linked to the client and the big screen;
♦The platform sends alarm information to the user’s mobile phone and email.

Highlight 4:Real Estate Information at Any Time
♦Housing information is updated at any time; ♦The phone can be viewed at any time;
♦The mobile terminal can be directly managed

Highlight 5: The Government can Control
♦Real-time upload of park information;
♦Park management and control are more convenient;
♦ Policy formulation is more precise.

Highlight 6:Worry-free Payment
♦Automatic payment reminder;
♦Joint access control to realize management and control;
♦Blacklist management;
♦Clear bill management

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