Smart Parking System

Unmanned Smart Parking System Solution

1.Project Background

The user habits of online mobile payment, the maturity of technology, and the reduction of cost have all laid a solid foundation for unmanned automatic payment. When the license plate recognition system market reached its peak, the wave of unmanned payment came quietly.

In 2021, there will be a significant reduction in the number of people charging for property smart parking, and parking equipment that does not support unmanned parking will be withdrawn from the market.

♦The vehicle parked in the community is larger than the paid parking space in the community; 
 ♦The problem of random parking of vehicles in the community is serious;
♦Easy to be congested during peak hours;
♦Manual cash collection mode of vehicle fees, high labor costs and low work efficiency;
♦It is easy to cause financial loopholes and cash loss.
 ♦The cost of system upgrade maintenance and daily operation management is high.

 ♦Manual management needs to be equipped with booth charging management personnel, and the labor cost is increasing day by day, so a lot of labor cost must be invested.
 ♦Unable to classify billing and statistics of incoming and outgoing traffic for large, medium and small vehicles.
♦Low informatization level;
 ♦The charging management and operation of the parking lot cannot be effectively counted;                      

2. Solutions

Smart parking lot Highlights
1. Eliminate the trouble caused by the installation and maintenance of the card reader;             
2. The car owner does not need to worry about the trouble caused by the loss of the IC card; 
3. The unique scrolling LED electronic display prompts, making it clear for car owners and managers;                   
4. Reduce labor costs and improve efficiency; 
5. Save the cost of IC card, and do not need to worry about the shortage of IC card;
6. It can be operated in conjunction with the police alarm system to assist in social security management;
7. High-quality barrier gate with anti-lift bar, full unloading, photoelectric control, and accurate balance system;           
8. Reliable and adaptable digital vehicle detection system.

Unmanned Scene Application :                 ●Support WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay online payment function, no need for the owner to pay in person;
●Support temporary car code scanning and automatic deduction payment. After the payment is successful, the gate will automatically open when you leave the venue. 
License plate error correction :
●When the license plate number is incorrectly recognized due to dirty license plate, heavy rain and snow, or glare from the sun, the owner can use the APP to correct the license plate number, and the barrier gate will automatically open;
 ●At the same time, the system automatically screens out and prompts the charging personnel to make manual corrections

Report Function :

●Relevant reports can be automatically generated according to requirements;  ●Statistics of the daily and monthly utilization rate of the parking lot, the utilization rate by time period, etc.; 
●Realize import and export functions of reports in EXCEL format to improve management efficiency
Anti-following function:
●Increase the card reading and opening memory module to prevent when the traffic flow is large, the first car has not completely passed through the bar, the second car has read the license plate, and when the first car has completely passed the bar, the barrier will automatically fall The lever causes the second car to no longer open the brakes.

For Car Wwners:
 ✔Scan and pay instantly; 
✔Reduce disputes with toll collectors and grasp parking fees in real time; 
 ✔The payment process is simple and adaptable to various scenarios;
 Feelless payment;       
✔ No exit, no queue, convenient and fast

For Property:
 ✔Group management, convenient and fast; 
 ✔ Simplified access procedures;
  ✔ Full coverage of payment scenarios; 
 ✔ Fund security, direct transfer of parking fees to the designated bank card of the property; 
 ✔The system is expandable, convenient and reliable; 
  ✔Unmanned parking lot operation saves hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

✔Pay in advance through the firstkeeper APP, without queuing;
✔ At the same time store the data in the cloud server;
✔Simple payment process; 
✔ Feelless payment; 
✔ Master parking fees in real time

Data Protection:
The server is separated from the client, and the temporary paralysis of the client does not affect the normal operation of the system; At the same time, the data is stored in the cloud server, and the local database is set up to complement each other, double guarantee
exception handling:
When the system fails temporarily, the controller of the all-in-one machine can manually open the gate, which does not affect the normal use of the parking lot      
Cloud parking lot management system, providing full modification operation records for managers to query                   
money management :
Help the property to plug the charging loopholes and create higher value.
1) The charging fee for each car arrives at the designated account (bound to the property account) in real time without going through the third-party platform; 
2) All charging records are clear and clear, and management personnel can inquire in real time without time and space constraints; 
3) All receipts of invoices have certificates and can be traced

3. Product Introduction

No sense of duty;
Easy installation;
Quick identification;
Support offline operation; 
HD camera; 
Night mode.

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