IoT cloud video intercom indoor unit

IoT smart home access, wireless deployment, hardcover preferred

Powerful function, safe guard

7-inch touch screen

Video intercom

One key to open the door

High-definition screen resolution

RGB true color display


  • Industry-leading wireless video intercom indoor unit, ultra-narrow design, metal/polymer material appearance is optional;
  •  1.8G high-speed CPU, embedded Linux system;
  •  7-inch high-definition full touch screen;
  • Support local video intercom, support cloud video intercom, can realize cloud intercom function through WiFi/Ethernet, no need for separate network wiring, the new community greatly reduces the wiring construction cost, and the old community can be installed and used immediately;
  • H264 encoding, the industry’s first use of digital microphone, echo cancellation algorithm to bring better intercom experience
  • Support Zigbee smart home connection, the indoor unit is both a gateway and a management panel, reducing smart home costs


Main chipAI100
Operating systemLinux
Internet connectionStandard Ethernet, optional WIFI
Power supplySupport 12V DC/15V non-standard POE input / optional support standard POE
Input methodFull touch screen
Smart home linkageSupport as zigbee gateway
Zone8 lines
Installation methodWall mount, standard 86 box cutout
Device size176mm*116mm*16mm

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