Bluetooth access control machine

Product Introduction

M503 series bluetooth access control all-in-one machine is a device with functions such as smart card identification and authorization controlled and managed by the access control card system; door opening methods include bluetooth door opening, remote door opening, credit card door opening, password door opening (optional), etc., which can realize background card issuance and door opening records Real-time upload and other operations.


  • Support adding user card data from the cloud and sending it to the device through the network;
  • Support offline local comparison of card information after the device is disconnected from the network;
  • Open the door through the card sector verification after supporting the Bluetooth configuration key;
  • Support real-time uploading of records such as card swiping, exit switch to open the door, alarm triggering, and door magnetic events;
  • Support calling the remote door opening interface to open the door remotely;
  • Support background configuration as normally open or normally closed door sensor, support door status upload, door status abnormal alarm.

Application areas:

Community access control

Technology Building

Elevator control


Office area



Main chipT31ZX
Door opening methodMobile phone bluetooth/remote/swipe card/exit switch/password to open the
door (optional) and other ways to open the door
Radio frequency card typeIC (ISO14443A/B), ID optional support
Networking modeStandard Ethernet, optional 4G/WIFI
Card capacity100,000
Bluetooth door opening distanceUnobstructed within 10 meters
Wiegand interface1 Wiegand interface, can be configured as input or output
RS485 interface1 RS485 interface, optional configuration for ladder control linkage
Power supply 8~28V DC / 25W
Equipment sizeWith rain shield: 93*149*55mm
No rain shield: 86*139*31mm

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