Thinmoo takes “Building a property Digital Base” as the theme to participate in the Shenzhen China International Social Public Safety Expo!

Thinmoo participated in Shenzhen China International Social Public Safety Expo with its unique concept of “building a property digital base” and a series of innovative products. Ximo Wisdom has persisted in working hard in the property industry for many years, constantly meeting the needs of customers. the new generation of software and hardware products are based on the latest mobile Internet and artificial intelligence Internet of things technology development, pay attention to user experience and reduce customers’ total cost of ownership. Bring better product experience for users and improve owner satisfaction!

Product introduction

1.License plate recognition parking lot management

Thinmoo’s license plate recognition parking solution adopts advanced deep learning license plate recognition camera, which realizes fast and accurate vehicle entry and exit management, supports open platform, supports most license plate recognition devices, supports unattended cloud parking, has rich charging templates, meets various billing needs, integrates parking and charging, charges against parking fees, online invoices, financial reconciliations.
Rich merchant coupons to meet a variety of scenarios, large and small venues, monthly cards, temporary monthly cards, night monthly cards, a multi-car and other complex parking management charging strategies.
At the same time, combined with Internet technology, residents can use mobile APP/ Mini Program for payment, monthly card processing, parking charging linkage and other operations, greatly improving parking efficiency and convenience.
This series of products have high-end and middle-end products, and also provide a cost-effective old reform plan for the property, which will change a lane at a very low cost to meet the demand of property renovation.

2.Charging pile

In order to meet the growing demand for electric vehicle charging, Thinmoo provides intelligent charging pile solutions. The scheme supports electric vehicles and motorcycles, battery car charging piles, intelligent billing, multiple billing templates, multi-party sharing, worry-free operation, integration of charging and parking, charging against parking fees, user community operation, recharging coupons, open platforms, most charging piles, property platforms, public pile operation and private pile sharing.
In particular, the private pile sharing function can also create benefits for owners to charge, and provide residents with convenient, efficient and income-generating charging services.

3.Cloud gate ban

Thinmoo Cloud door ban products all support Bluetooth door opening of mobile phone, support multiple authentication methods such as card swiping, face recognition, password, QR code, palmprint and fingerprint recognition, support Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi, 4G communication, support professional access control functions such as time period, validity period and enable prohibition, support third-party docking development, mature API interface, support access control and visitor management, and support cost-effective replacement. Quick installation indoors and outdoors, supporting multi-color lights to ensure safe and convenient access to the community. At the same time, through the mobile APP/ Mini Program, residents can remotely unlock, book visitors and other operations, convenient and fast.

4.Cloud intercom

The cloud intercom system allows residents to communicate with visitors in real time, whether it is to open the door remotely, communicate with neighbors or receive community notifications. It supports APP/ WeChat Mini Programs intercom, supports a full range of products such as card swiping, Bluetooth, QR code and face recognition, supports visual intercom, indoor unit and management machine, supports Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi, 4G communication modes, supports multiple screen displays, and issues advertising announcements. It supports professional access control features such as time period, validity period and enabling ban, supports remote management of cloud door forbidden visitors, supports cost-effective replacement, rapid indoor and outdoor installation, supports third-party rapid docking development, and mature API interface, which is the preferred intercom product for property in the new era.

5.Elevator control & visitors

Thinmoo elevator control system automatically assigns elevators to the floor according to the needs of residents, saving waiting time and improving travel efficiency. The system also supports old retrofit, elevator fee renewal, access control intercom, indoor unit linkage owner call ladder, specially designed for complex electromagnetic environment interference of elevator, high-end aluminum alloy + 2.5D toughened glass design. At the same time, the system also has the characteristics of safety and reliability to ensure the safety of residents.
The visitor system realizes the intelligent management of visitors by means of self-service registration and Wechat reservation. Residents can view visitor information through the mobile phone APP, and remotely open the door to visitors and other operations, support code scanning reservation, WeChat Mini Programs is convenient and practical, support temporary passwords, QR codes, face recognition, support the front desk management of visitors, support printer barcode printing, improve the entry and exit experience of residents and visitors.

6.Property payment system

Thinmoo ’s property payment system realizes online payment, inquiry of bills and other functions, so that residents can complete the payment of property fees anytime and anywhere. Support unified management of headquarters and sub-projects, clear income, intelligent billing, support all kinds of cost calculation, support rapid collection, quick temporary fee collection, support call, a variety of payment reminder services, improve collection rate, support access control ladder control linkage, warm reminder, support the setting of their own charging rules by community, support the generation of Zhang an by month or according to charging rules, and support big data statistical analysis. At the same time, the system also supports a variety of payment methods, providing households with a more convenient payment experience.

7.Video Surveillance & Fire Protection

Thinmoo Video Surveillance system supports video surveillance, high-altitude parabolic surveillance, fire surveillance and so on.
Thinmoo intelligent fire fighting system supports smoke sense of pyrotechnics, monitoring of key personnel, monitoring of water pressure and water level, etc.

8.Saving energy

Low-carbon energy-saving system supports microwave induction, wide voltage support, custom definition, simple installation, wide range of adaptation, energy saving, stability and sensitivity, long life and so on.

Successful cases

Thinmoo has rich practical experience in the field of intelligent property management.
They have provided customized solutions for many residential areas, commercial centers and other different types of properties, and have won a good reputation.
These successful cases not only prove the technical strength and market competitiveness of Ximo Wisdom, but also provide other customers with reliable choices.


As a company committed to building a property digital base, Thinmoo will soon display innovative products and professional solutions at the Shenzhen International Security Expo. We meet the market demand with high-quality products and services and continue to promote the intelligent development of the property management industry.

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