Mobile access control elevator


  • Cloud verification, a new experience
  • APP to open the door, QR code to open the door, mobile phone Bluetooth one key to open the door,
  • Verify the validity of the QR code online
  • Optional support for CPU card, MI card, ID card
  • Optional offline Bluetooth version/Ethernet/WiFi storage history card swiping records: up to 2000 records (cycle storage) MTBF: >2000 records
  • The owner’s mobile phone calls the elevator with one key, and it arrives automatically
  • Support elevator control authorization, swipe card to call elevator
  • Optional QR code scanning automatic call elevator
  • Integrate traditional card-swiping elevator control functions

Application areas:

Community access control

Technology Building

Elevator control


Office area



Main chip1G main frequency
RF Card TypeIC(ISO14443A/B)
Networking methodStandard Ethernet
Card capacity100,000
Recording capacity100,000
Bluetooth door opening distanceUnobstructed within 10 meters
QR code cameraStandard
Access control functionDoor sensor, unlock, exit button,Wiegand interface
Way to open the doorQR code / Bluetooth /remote control/
Fixed password /swipe card /temporary password /Exit button unlock

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