7-Inch Visual Indoor Extension

7 Inch Color Screen    Visual Intercom    Support Ladder Control

Product Introduction

H8047 is a 7-inch color screen visual indoor extension, which is based on analog technology. It can open the door with one button
through voice, video and door intercom, which is simple, convenient and low-cost. It can work with digital analog door machine and
realize the effective integration of traditional analog intercom and mobile phone cloud intercom. It is a cost-effective visual intercom product


Installation modeWall mounted type
Display modeLCD-7 inch
Screen resolution800*480
Power supply modePOE power supply
Operating temperature-20℃~55℃
Working voltageDC-18V
Shell materialABS plastic
Plug-in modeRJ45- difference
Operating systemSingle chip microcomputer system
Two defense zones
Intercom, unlock
Touch screen modeNot supported
Keyboard modeMechanical 4 button
Support ladder control

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