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The product covers more than 10 million users, and the number of APP docking reaches more than 200

Face Recognition Cloud Visual Intercom Indoor Phone Series

8-inch touch screen face recognition access control host
(optional temperature measurement)

7-inch touchscreen face recognition cloud visual intercom host

4.3 inch cloud video intercom host

13.3-inch horizontal screen face recognition access control host
(optional temperature measurement)

10.1 inch face recognition access control host

IoT video intercom indoor unit

Smart vistor machine

Management machine

Cloud visual intercom host

Intelligent Cloud Intercom
Access Control

4.3-Inch Visual Indoor Extension

7-Inch Visual Indoor Extension

Visual Intercom Doorway Machine

Mobile Bluetooth QR Code Cloud Access Control Series

QR code access control

Bluetooth access control

Wireless access control

Metal Keypad Reader

Wireless WiFi Access Controller

Wireless Wifi Access Controller

Metal Waterproof QR code
Access Control Machine

Smart Lock Series

BL860 IoT Smart Lock

BL861 IoT Smart Lock

BL862-N International IoT Smart Lock

BL862-NF International IoT Smart Lock

AI Video Surveillance Series

Smart Face Recognition Camera

High-altitude parabolic tracking camera

Smart Network Surveillance Camera

IoT Series

IoT Controller

Intelligent Channel Intelligent Parking lot Series

Smart gate face recognition

Smart advertising screen

Smart Parking Series

Integrated license plate recognition machine

High definition license plate recognition all-in-one machine

Operation fee type 7KW single gun AC pile

Unmanned parking system

Operation platform

IoT platform, property management, e-commerce platform, Community Communities

IoT platform

Property management,

 E-commerce platform

Community Communities

Product Series:

Face recognition cloud video intercom indoor unit series

Mobile phone Bluetooth QR code cloud access control series

Smart lock series

AI Video Surveillance Series

Smart Home Series

IoT series

Smart channel smart parking lot series


Smart Community Solutions

Smart Campus Solutions

Rental housing, apartment solutions

Homestay and online room booking solutions

Public rental solutions

Smart Campus Solutions

Talent Apartment Solutions

Unmanned parking lot solutions

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