New 21-inch face recognition host


  • Integrate face recognition, cloud video intercom, and access control functions,Mask identification (optional temperature measurement)
  • ARM 4-core high-speed CPU, Android system
  • 21.5-inch 1080p full HD screen, optional dual screen function, optional touch screen design
  • Standard Ethernet, WiFi communication, optional 4G/5G communication
  • Open the door: face recognition, mobile phone Bluetooth, remote open, swipe card to open the door, mobile cloud video intercom to open the door, temporary visitor password to open the door, indoor unit intercom to open the door, management machine remote intercom to open the door
  • 200W HDR binocular live, anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting
  • Optional witness identification for increased security and convenience
  • Full advertising function, support text, picture, video and other advertising forms
  • Remote cloud management to minimize on-site management work
  • Security capture: video information collection of people entering and leaving, early warning
  • Precision crafted, the device is waterproof and dustproof up to IP54, and a rain cover is optional for outdoor use

Application areas:

Community access control

Technology Building

Elevator control


Office area



Ways to open the doorFace Recognition Open/Bluetooth Open/Remote Open/Cloud Intercom Open/Transfer Phone Open/Fixed Password Open/Swipe Card Open/Temporary Password Open/Exit Switch Open
Screen size21.5-inch
Operating modeonline, offline
Main chipA53 8-core
RFID card type IC(ISO14443A/B)
ButtonIndependent touch buttons
NetworkingStandard Ethernet, optional 4G
Face capacity100 Thousand
Bluetooth door opening distanceUnobstructed within 10 meters
CameraDual spectrum wide dynamic 2 million dual camera
Access control functionDoor sensor, unlock, exit switch, Wiegand interface
Device size245mm*124mm*25mm

Product Series:

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AI Video Surveillance Series

Smart Home Series

IoT series

Smart channel smart parking lot series


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