Artificial Intelligence IoT AIoT Smart Hardware

Visual intercom, Cloud Gate ban, face recognition, Intelligent Lock
Parking lot, charging pile, ladder control, visitor, intelligent monitoring

Visual Intercom Series

Cloud Access Control Series

Parking Series

Visitors and Access

AI Video Surveillance Series

Intelligent Lock Series

New Energy Series

Access Control Controller and Ladder Control

Software Management Platform

Integrated, Digital and Open Anxinhuai Property Operation and Management Platform
 Security, Trust, Care

Product and Service Features

Various application scenarios for mobile Internet

Smart community, public rental housing network, smart community , smart medical care

Rich AIoT product line

All AIoT product lines, Bluetooth, video intercom, face recognition, scene recognition, smart home, one-stop experience

Value-oriented, leading technology

With the industry-leading core software and hardware technology, we have been cultivating the industry for many years,accumulated rich experience in product industry application, focusing on creating customer value,Able to provide industry-leading products and solutions

Altruistic spirit, service in place

Serve customers with altruistic spirit,the concept of solving problems with all our effort ,strive to make customers worry-free.

About us

Thinmoo is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the application of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things in the property industry. It is determined to provide better intelligent products and services for each property. In 2020, it was rated as one of the top 50 small and medium-sized enterprises in Longgang District, Shenzhen. The company takes low-carbon smart community parks as its core concept, and contributes to the green and low-carbon community parks and the harmony and beauty of living and working spaces. The company has profound experience in smart community smart park platforms, smart hardware, Internet audio and video communications, and artificial intelligence. Technology accumulation; owns industry-leading mobile Internet-based smart communities, smart parks, public rental housing and online room booking series products and solutions, mainly focusing on face recognition cloud intercom, mobile phone Bluetooth QR code cloud access control, parking lot, charging Internet of Things products and cloud platforms such as piles, networked energy-saving lamps, ladder controls, visitors, and smart locks; , China Mobile Internet of Things, Pearl River Real Estate, Shoukai and many other well-known domestic real estate, Internet, and security companies provide products and services; products are exported to overseas customers such as the United States, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. Love altruism and love people with ink. Based on the business philosophy of being close to customers, striving for perfection, and objective excellence, the company is open and win-win to manufacture high-quality goods, return customers with high-quality goods, serve property management, and build a better life!

Product Series:

Face recognition cloud video intercom indoor unit series

Mobile phone Bluetooth QR code cloud access control series

Smart lock series

AI Video Surveillance Series

Smart Home Series

IoT series

Smart channel smart parking lot series


Smart Community Solutions

Smart Campus Solutions

Rental housing, apartment solutions

Homestay and online room booking solutions

Public rental solutions

Smart Campus Solutions

Talent Apartment Solutions

Unmanned parking lot solutions

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