IoT Platform

Product Feature

Rapid Development:

Mature Restful API interface, quickly integrate access control, intercom, parking, charging pile, elevator control, video and other community park IoT hardware, and provide mobile SDK to quickly complete business development.

Various Connection Methods:

The device hardware is directly connected to the cloud, and the cloud platform is connected to the cloud

Multiple Communication Protocol Support:

Support MQTT, TCP, HTTP and other communication protocols

Various Deployment Methods :

Support public cloud, private cloud, local and other deployment modes

Rich Hardware:

Access control, intercom, parking, charging pile, elevator control, video

Customer Case

Product Function

 IoT hardware Access:

Thinmoo IoT platform has comprehensive IoT connection and edge computing capabilities, and also supports the integrated access capabilities of third-party IoT platforms and device manufacturer platforms to achieve unified device management and application development

 Simplify Business Development:


Convert complex and difficult-to-understand hardware protocols into scene application interfaces based on JASON text

Unified Hardware Interface:


Unify various hardware devices based on MCU, Linux, and Android into one application interface, developers do not need to worry about different protocols and functions of various underlying devices

Equipment Operation and Maintenance Management:


Supports various operation and maintenance services such as adding, deleting, modifying, checking, and firmware upgrades to ensure hardware operation and maintenance

Application Scenario

Smart Community

Smart Park

Rental House

Online Room Appointment

Product Series:

Face recognition cloud video intercom indoor unit series

Mobile phone Bluetooth QR code cloud access control series

Smart lock series

AI Video Surveillance Series

Smart Home Series

IoT series

Smart channel smart parking lot series


Smart Community Solutions

Smart Campus Solutions

Rental housing, apartment solutions

Homestay and online room booking solutions

Public rental solutions

Smart Campus Solutions

Talent Apartment Solutions

Unmanned parking lot solutions

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