You have ideas, we have ways

Internet of Everything

Intelligent hardware, AI wisdom

Face recognition cloud video intercom indoor unit series

RFID cards and QR code access control 

AI monitoring series

Smart Home Series

Internet of Things series

Smart channel  parking

AI intelligent robot

Intelligent waste sorting system


More intelligence     More IoT

Multiple application scenarios for mobile Internet

Smart community, smart campus, hospital, office building, gym, shared space, long-term rental apartment, public security application

Support multiple communication methods

Optional mobile phone Bluetooth, video intercom, password, QR code, face, swipe and other door opening methods

Rich AIoT product line

All AIoT product lines, Bluetooth, video intercom, face recognition, scene recognition, smart home, one-stop experience

Multiple door opening methods

Support multiple door opening methods: QR code, mobile phone, ID card comparison, face recognition, WeChat, remote audio and video intercom, remote, mobile phone ladder control, etc.

Multi-terminal multi-function

National High-Tech Enterprise

Mature development interface

It has been connected to hundreds of corporate customers such as service banks, real estate, Internet operators, etc., with rich API functions to meet the needs of various scenarios

success case

Five of the world’s top ten real estate companies have adopted our products, are UnionPay, CCB suppliers, and serve tens of millions of customers

National High-Tech Enterprise

The company belongs to the national high-tech enterprise, and many products have been recognized as provincial high-tech products

Operating platform

Internet of Things platform, property management, e-commerce platform, community community

Internet of Things platform

Property platform

Electronic business platform

Community platform

About us

Thinmoo Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. The company has profound technical accumulation in Internet audio and video communication, intelligent hardware, security, and artificial intelligence; in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Weifang, Chongqing and other places have branches and offices with national service capabilities. The company has industry-leading smart community-based smart home series products and solutions based on mobile Internet. Its main products are mobile phone Bluetooth QR code cloud access control, face recognition cloud intercom, community robots, smart home and other products and cloud platforms; for Vanke, Xinghe, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, Jinke, Fangyuan, Pearl River Real Estate, R&F, Shangpu, Weigu and other domestic famous brands are schools and hospitals such as University of Electronic Science and Technology, Longhua Hospital; for Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc. Real estate, Internet and security companies provide products and services. Based on the business philosophy of customer first, quality first, serious and down-to-earth, and hard work, the company is open and win-win, constantly manufactures high-quality products, returns customers with high-quality products, and serves to building a better community!

Success Case


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