Intelligent gateway

    Pproduct feature:

  • Control center of smart home system, molded case, built-in antenna
  • Adopt international standard Zigbee, small delay, low power consumption, high capacity, convenient and flexible networking
  • Provides a three-level security mode and a symmetric password for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 128) to ensure high system security 
  • Support WIi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless transfer to home router

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    Why choose us?


High quality materials with strong electrical conductivity


Quality assurance, trustworthy

Flame retardant

High quality PC material, professional flame retardant


Withstands 50,000 plug-resistance tests


Strengthen the protective door and use electricity safer


Easy to install, save money and save money

◇☆◇More IoT more intelligence

    Product specifications:

Hardware specificationprocessorMTK MT7620plantform
interface4×LED indicator (including network port 2 indicator)
1×RG45 network cable interface
Reset button
Wi-Fi wireless standardIEEE802.11b/g/n(300Mbps)
Zigbee wireless standard15.4ZHA
CoordinatorTI CC2538
Software specificationoperating systemLinux system /openWRT
Language supportChinese / English
System ManagementAutomatically connect to the cloud server
Inter-network communication protocol conversion and processing
Intelligent device management
Intelligent device linkage management
Support remote mode maintenance and upgrade


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