What is an access control system?

What is an access control system? The concept of the original access control system has been in our lives. For example, we have installed doors and locks in every household. When the family members go home, they can use the key to open the door and enter. However, when outsiders come, people in the house need to hear the sound of knocking on the door. Judge whether to open the door by sound and past experience.

Access control system, also known as access management control system and channel management system, is a new modern intelligent management system. It is an effective measure to solve the security management of the entrances and exits of important departments. Applicable to various scenarios, such as banks, hotels, parking lot management, computer rooms, prisons, express cabinets, office rooms, intelligent communities, factories, etc.

With the deepening of the electronic intelligence of society, the access control systems we see now can be divided into: password access control systems, card access control systems, biometric access control systems, mobile APP access control systems based on different input device media and methods.

Password access control system: By entering the password, the system judges that the password is correct and the door is opened. Advantages: Just remember the password. Simple. Disadvantages: slow speed and poor security. Trend: There are fewer and fewer occasions for password access control. It is used in occasions with low safety requirements, low cost and infrequent use. For example: safe.

Card access control system: According to the type of card, it is divided into contact card access control system (magnetic stripe card, barcode card, chip card) and non-contact card (also called proximity card radio frequency card) access control system. The contact card access control system is mainly used in bank card related In occasions, non-contact IC cards are widely used due to their high durability, good cost performance, and fast reading speed. The disadvantage is that they are easy to be copied. (Note: Ordinary IC/ID cards are easy to be copied, CPU cards are also called encryption cards, which are not easy to be copied, but the cost is higher)

Biometric access control system: An access control system that recognizes identities according to different human biological characteristics. Mainly include: fingerprint access control system, palm profile access control system, iris access control system, face recognition access control system. Advantages: no need to carry media such as cards, less chance of repetition, not easy to be copied, high security, disadvantages: high cost. The comparison speed is slow, which is not conducive to occasions with too many people. The biological characteristics of the human body will change with the environment and time, and the recognition rate is low. Although the biometric access control system is advanced and safe, the scope of application is limited. It is only applied in a few areas such as a small number of people, high security requirements, and high costs.

Mobile APP access control system: remotely open the door by installing a mobile APP. There are currently the following ways to open the door with a mobile phone: mobile phone QR code to open the door, smart phone APP to open the door, mobile phone NFC to open the door, mobile Bluetooth to open the door, mobile phone WeChat applet to open the door. Mobile phones are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. Due to their advantages such as convenience, low cost, fast reading speed, and high security, they are bound to become the mainstream of future access control systems.

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