FH1000 series full height gate

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    Product feature:

  1. High-quality stainless steel housing (SUS316 can be selected for special use environments)
  2. Two-way controllable, only authorized users can pass the gate, and support the automatic folding of the power-off wings to meet the needs of fire safety
  3. Adjustable opening time
  4. In terms of installation and maintenance, the later use cost is low
  5. Flexible choice of wing panel colors, support includes blue, red and transparent, etc.

◇☆◇More IoT more intelligence

    Product parameters:

Model FB300
Channel widthDefault 55CM
Exercise mode Stretch
Indicator lightTop pass instructions
Materialstainless steel
Motor typeDC brush motor
Occupation width Default 115CM
Operating temperature-28 ° C - 60 ° C
Power input / output AC220V 50Hz/DC24V
Security Levelmiddle
working environment Indoor / outdoor

    Product model and size :

FB300: Single wing gate movement, divided into master and slave

FB320: Wing gate dual movement, used to build multi-channel

  1. The shell is small, the floor space is small, and the limited space flows out more positions for pedestrian passages, which is more efficient
  2. The shell design is stylish and exquisite, with the lighting effect, perfect to improve the installation
    The image of the scene
  1. There is a smooth acceleration and deceleration curve in the motor control process, and the mechanical part wears less during the operation process
  1. By optimizing the mechanical structure, reducing wear and risk points, effectively improving the operating experience of the product, and making it more durable
  2. During operation, the noise is very small, and it is anti-collision
  1. DIP switch quick setting function
  2. Standard pass relay output
  3. Various LED status lights on the control board, clearly showing the working status of the equipment
  4. Opening test button


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