Face recognition host for intelligent barrier

Precision,speed,cost-effective choice

Product feature:

  • Diversified face entry: App, face device, photo batch import, USB camera capture, U disk import, etc., easy to enter and export
  • Made of precision, the equipment is waterproof and dustproof up to IP65
  • Using 2 million high-definition wide dynamic camera, it can quickly and accurately capture face information for verification comparison
  • Fast face recognition, technology blessing, perfect performance without networking
  • Diversified unlocking: mobile phone unlock / face recognition unlock / optional QR code unlock / property tube unlock
  • ID card unlock / compatible password swipe / phone unlock
  • Live detection, anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting
  • Rich information dissemination, text pictures video can be issued
  • Remote cloud operation, synchronous update, view device status information
  • Security capture: video information collection and warning for incoming and outgoing personnel
  • VF618T-T is with human body temperature measurement function 

◇☆◇More IoT more intelligence

Application field:

Community access


Technology Building

Smart campus

Elevator ladder control


Installation method:

Bracket type

Column type


Application scenario:

Product parameters::

woke patternInternet, offline
operating system:Android
 Card capacity100,000pcs
 Face capacity30,000pcs 
Bluetooth opening distance: Within 10 meters without obstruction
Camera :Wide dynamic 2 million dual camera 
Internet connectionEthernet /WiFi/4G Optional
power supply:DC 12V 5A
Operating temperature:-25℃-75℃
Working humidity:10%-95%
input interface:Open button, tamper, door magnet, alarm, etc.
Alarm function:Support tampering, illegal door opening alarm, door open time alarm, fire linkage
Access control function:Face recognition,/mobile APP remote door opening / Bluetooth opening / Mifare card / CPU card/IC card /Dynamic password advertisement/Announcement playback/
video intercom/Phone transfer/Mobile phone opening door


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Smart Park System


Intelligent garbage sorting system

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