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Driven by the advancement of science and technology and people’s demand for mobile communication services, building access control intercom systems are being applied to communities. So how does the high-intelligence access control realize the integration of security and protection? What aspects of the integration of security and protection should be paid attention to? Is it necessary to focus on customer needs? Finally, what are the prospective advantages of placement integration in smart access control? Here are the answers for readers one by one.

Alarm and event information management

The integrated security system based on the access control system mainly includes two parts: a front-end controller and a management platform. This way of integration based on the access control system is that the main functions served by the overall system are biased towards access control and entrance and exit management. “When an event occurs, the alarm front-end system must first detect the target. After the alarm information is transmitted back to the management center, it can be viewed in real time by calling the video image. However, in this series of reactions, the alarm system is only An early warning mechanism, while the video system realizes review and review, only the access control system can truly control the on-site conditions.

Of course, once an event occurs, all alarm events of the system (access control, alarm, patrol, etc.) can be linked to the hard disk recording system of the TV monitoring system and the matrix controller to respond accordingly. For example, when a door in the access control system is opened illegally, the integrated system will control the matrix controller of the TV monitoring system to switch the camera image corresponding to this door to the main screen of the TV monitoring system display screen and the management platform of the integrated system, and go Start the hard disk video recorder to record. If the camera has a PTZ, you can also control the PTZ to rotate to the preset position on the management platform.

At the same time, the system also has the function of triggering the execution of script programs by alarm events, which can associate some alarm events with DVR control according to user needs, for example, when an alarm event starts, trigger DVR to start recording and perform remote control of DVR Program, you can also query and retrieve video information as required.

In addition, you can view the live video at the time through the alarm event record of the access control system. The matrix control module of the system can also directly control the selected camera, and the control protocol of the matrix controller such as PELCO, PHILIPS, PANASONIC, etc. is usually built-in to realize the Control of other brands’ matrix.

Integration with other software

For security system integration, it is not only the integration between the hardware, but also the integration with other software (such as: fire alarm, building automation, information release, elevator control, consumer system, daily management, etc.). Integration depends on the degree of protocol openness of various hardware devices, that is, whether these hardware devices provide interfaces and protocols.

Only when the hardware provides a unified interface (SDK or API function), the software can manage and control the hardware uniformly through the interface, and grasp the working status of the hardware from time to time. Of course, the software should also provide linkage strategies and pre-plan mechanisms. At the same time, the software integration of the system should also support hierarchical management. For example, the software integration in the rail transit system includes the software integration of the operation management center and the station-level software integration.

However, different hardware provides different interfaces, which requires us to modularize the software, and we use a module for each hardware to manage it. Because of different projects, the front-end equipment used is not exactly the same. It is impossible to take a project, it is necessary to develop or purchase a set of software. Just like WINDOWS is an operating system platform software, you can install and use it no matter what hardware configuration your PC has, because different hardware has corresponding drivers for WINDOWS. Change an accessory, just reinstall the corresponding driver. Therefore, security integrated software will also gradually realize ‘platform’ and ‘module’.

The interface provided by the hardware should be able to provide functions such as status access, device operation, system configuration, etc., through the TCP/IP protocol, the unified management of various hardware and the realization of hardware functions to achieve system integration. However, in the current Chinese security market, many manufacturers are unwilling to disclose their product agreements in order to ensure their market share. Therefore, the compatibility between brand products is poor and the integration level is relatively low.

Understand end user needs

In addition to understanding the key technologies of integration, integrators and engineers also need to truly understand the actual needs of end users. At present, many end users blindly pursue multiple and complete integration functions, but lack understanding of system integration, which often results in waste of system functions. For example, many building developers pay too much attention to the appearance and price of the system, and often only pay attention to the partial effect, and do not consider whether the entire system is reasonable. It can be said that technology is often ignored for economic benefits. In addition, some developers think that having a brand is a good project, and some users simply do not combine their actual needs, blindly pursuing the powerful and complex functions of the system, thinking that the bigger the system, the better. In fact, such integrated systems are often put aside because they are either impractical, unusable, or too complex in function.

Therefore, for end users, when making system planning, they should first understand their actual needs and the effect of system integration. For example, which subsystems need to be integrated in the engineering project? If it is an access control system, what degree of integration must be achieved, how to link with other systems (alarm system, access control system), etc., all of which need to be contacted by the engineering company or Integrators communicate to avoid deviations between their own needs and the integrated results.

In addition, according to industry insiders, the current demand in China’s security integration market is experiencing a period of restlessness. Since many system integrators are transformed from engineering companies or network operators, the technical level of each integrator is also uneven. Most of the system integration construction parties do not have their own technical strength, and the overall planning and potential of the system The function mining is not enough to optimize the system, which is only limited to installation and debugging; some integrators fully cater to some unreasonable needs of customers in order to expand their business, making “system integration” seriously distorted or misunderstood.

Therefore, whether it is a security manufacturer, a system integrator, or an engineering company involved in a system integration project, it is necessary to continuously strengthen its own understanding and understanding of system integration and improve the level of integration technology in order to select a more suitable platform for customers to achieve The effect the customer expects to achieve.

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