H802 Cloud video intercom indoor unit

Perfect choice for cloud intercom host, cost-effective choice

   A cloud visual access, help you solve a variety of troubles

Seeing is believing, free to open the door very dangerous

The old man had trouble opening the door

Stranger knocked on the door, open the door very dangerous

No monitoring, transaction can not see the door

    Powerful functionality, security guard

Video intercom

Unlock control

Keep monitoring

White night vision

wireless deployments

    Product feature:

  • Perfect fit cloud intercom door host
  • Low-power industrial-grade processor,
  • 7-inch screen, multi-touch operation, bringing smooth experience
  • Smart Home Interface eight zone management, scalable alarm a variety of applications, such as appliance control
  • Cloud phone video intercom, support community bulletin, one kilometer district perfect access
  • Internet: Ethernet, non-standard POE
  • Linux operating system 
  • DC 12V wide voltage input
  • Product features: video intercom / unlock control / monitor at any time / white night vision

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