Face recognition intelligent access control system, artificial intelligence helps traditional security

Face recognition technology improves safety and access efficiency

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to building safety. For example, you must swipe your card to enter and exit company buildings. For strangers or suspicious personnel, security personnel will also conduct appropriate checks. However, the process is more cumbersome, and there may be negligence and loopholes. Even the most well-trained and most vigilant guards can be negligent or distracted, which provides access to unauthorized personnel and leaves safety hazards.

If the security check is strengthened, it will often bring negative impacts, making employees feel tired and slowing down the speed of entry and exit, reducing the efficiency of entry and exit. At this time, a faster and more effective new technology is needed to process and track visitors. Face recognition technology came into being. For example, Australia’s SmartGate airport security system introduced facial recognition technology to “process 150 passengers per hour-meaning that one person passes immigration processing every 24 seconds.” The efficiency is greatly improved.

Intelligent access control management system accurately controls access permissions

ompared with traditional security passes, the advantages of an intelligent access control management system that relies on face recognition technology are: it cannot be stolen, borrowed and copied, that is, face recognition cannot be imitated. In the future, face recognition will also be Become the most reliable pass in the future.

Under the intelligent access control management system, only registered persons can enter the building. Therefore, employees do not need to take out a pass card, they can be scanned immediately based on their facial features. This speeds up the speed of entering the building and ensures that only authorized persons can enter and exit unimpeded.

Using the face recognition system, a whitelist system and a blacklist system can also be generated, and more refined control can be added to restrict the permissions of key floors or rooms. Through the automatic management system of the intelligent access control management system, once the face in the blacklist is recognized, the relevant personnel will be alerted immediately. This will greatly improve the safety of the building. In addition, if the information is transferred from the white list to the black list after the employee leaves, the access authority can be cancelled.

Face recognition technology is faster, more powerful and safer than the existing ID-based entry system.

Intelligent access control management system accurately locates personnel location

According to the past ways that employees swipe their cards to enter and exit the office building, employees will not be recorded every time they leave the house. To a large extent, the personnel situation inside the building is unknown, and potential health and safety issues deserve attention. The intelligent access control management system using face recognition technology refers to the use of advanced emotion detection to help find people in distress or any suspicious people, providing a key clue that the guards cannot find.

For example, in the event of a fire, the situation inside the building and whether anyone is left in it is crucial to the timely rescue. The intelligent access control management system can quickly and clearly locate the location of the trapped person and adopt the best rescue method in time to gain valuable time for the rescue work.

Therefore, for managers, the positioning function of face recognition technology is a powerful assistant, which can locate the location of key people inside the building in an emergency. At the same time, object detection is built into the security system, and suspicious objects can also be found automatically. And send the alert to the security personnel, so that they can deal with the problem immediately and avoid any problems.

Intelligent access control management system, fully meet the needs of safe access and management

The intelligent access control management system based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 uses face recognition technology to process data locally at the edge device to gain speed and security, and to check data in a remote database to provide scalability and centralization control.

The system can enhance building security and monitoring, while providing fast passage for employees and approved visitors. Provides high-precision facial recognition software and analysis functions, supports up to 4 high-quality surveillance cameras, has enough space on the system’splatform, and uses advanced software and rich wireless connectivity for seamless cloud integration . The basic face detection building blocks can also be extended to provide customized applications and modern security controls.

With flexible customization options, even the most complex building security environment can be optimized. Intelligent access control management system Fast and accurate object and face recognition software, with expression, age, gender detection, visitor number tracking functions, and can also create black and white lists. It can also be configured to meet the requirements of your specific security and surveillance applications.

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