Intelligent inductive water meter

 High precision     safe and stable

   ○ Quality assurance    ○ Easy installation

◇☆◇More things, more intelligence

Product performance:

➢Water meter and meter share one card
➢Set system management two tables
➢ The system is linked to the property fee and can collect property fees, rents, and other fees.
➢ Pay the money first, then use it, stop automatically without charge
➢Simple operation, flexible setting and complete functions
➢ Anti-theft software design, each computer has an independent serial number, – the meter can be selected as an audible alarm
➢The meter can be equipped with a luminous function, which is convenient for users to view the meter at night.
➢Electric loss compensation function, with this function, bid farewell to loss of electricity and water charges

◇☆◇More things, more intelligence

Product feature:

Hydropower card


Monthly self-test


Alarm function

Waterproof and moisture proof

Magnetic interference

Minimum consumption

◇☆◇More things, more intelligenc

Product specifications:

Display:LCD Display Screen
Rated voltage:220V
Product power:50/60Hz
Product frequency:≤2W
Product power consumption:3200imp/kwh

◇☆◇More things, more intelligenc

Scope of application:

Residential property

Better management and understanding of expenses, more convenient

Contracted water plant

Convenient management and expenditure, saving water

Water company

Solve user water troubles, water difficulties

staff dorm

Simple and convenient, user metering, transparent sharing

Rental apartment

Save water, smart billing, no need to pay at home

Real estate development company

Convenient to use water in each district,



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