Q286  QR code  access control

    Product feature:

  • Support to add user card data from the cloud and send it to the device via the network;
  • Support offline local comparison of card information after the device is disconnected from the network;
  • After supporting Bluetooth configuration key, pass the card sector verification to open the door;
  • Support real-time upload of records of device swiping card, door opening switch, alarm trigger, door sensor event, etc.;
  • Support to generate visitor QR code through APP and upload cloud verification, open the door after verification is successful;
  • Support calling the remote door opening interface to open the door remotely
  • Support background configuration as normally open or normally closed door sensor,
  • support door status upload, door status abnormal alarm.

◇☆◇More IoT more intelligence

    Application field:

Community access


Maker space

Smart campus

Elevator ladder control



◇☆◇More IoT more intelligence

Door opening methodSwipe card (IC card) to open the door, QR code to open the door, Bluetooth to open the door, remote open the door, etc.
communication methodWIFI, Bluetooth
Card capacityUp to 10,000
Door opening record5000 pieces
RF card typeIC (ISO14443A/B), optional ID (125K)
main chipDialog DA14585

Operating temperature
Power Specifications2V/2A (equipment control lock needs to add the power consumption of the door lock)
Equipment size86*86*42mm
Working humidity0~90%
Door opening record5000


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