Classification of video door phone(VDP)

Video door phone can be classified two possible classification :

1. Security layers :

a. Level 1 security – This is security layer added by VDP system at the community entrance. This layer is given to the guard who will directly verify the entry of a visitor to the community. Such systems are only at a community level.

b. Level 2 Security : This is also known as the lobby security – This is to get access to your lobby of the apartment in such a case the visitor will have to dial the number of the flat and then the flat owner allows the access to a visitor from the lobby entrance itself.

c. Level 3 security : In this case the visitor communicates with the outdoor camera in front of house door or villa gate.

2. Technologies & classification :

a. Standalone – A standalone VDP is a device used in villas or by individual home owners.

Types of technology of standalone VDP –

i. Analog VDP – It is an analog display and camera.

ii. Connected digital VDP – This is a digital LCD display with Digital camera usually with image capture and video capturing ability when the bell is pressed. In this case normally some additional camera integration is also allowed.

iii. Wireless video door bell(VDB) : A camera units which gets connected to interned or router and allows communication with ones mobile or tablet top communicate with the visitor.

b. Multi-apartment- This is a solution where there is an mass housing scenario.

i. Analog Multi-apartment systems – This is an Analog VDP providing 3 tier security.

ii. IP VDP Multi-apartment system – This is IP VDP which is 3 tier security and integration with BMS (Building management system ), Security systems like intrusion , CCTV building security and in most cases even home automation.

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