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The latest community service model, integrated management and service, 10 years technology precipitation, providing cloud native data intelligence, etc., one-stop solutions that can be customized in multiple fields.

One-stop solution​

More IoT, more intelligence

Based on artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies

Through the prevention and control cloud platform of the smart community, comprehensive and accurate management of community vehicles, personnel, and events is realized, while providing corresponding business support for the public security, property, community/subdistrict office and other departments to create a new ecology of smart communities.

The use of face recognition technology, video surveillance, access control, alarm output, and video output coordinate with each other and interact with each other to realize the humanized and intelligent management of the school building, and solve the problem of students entering and exiting the dormitory and checking the bed.
Provide a new idea for dormitory safety management.

Combined with the comprehensive management needs of modern intelligent buildings,based on the data comparison on the face recognition access control device, and use computer as a background processing tool to fully realize the automated management of personnel entering and exiting of the passage control area.

Through community smart waste sorting solutions to realize the controllable, and sustainable goal of waste classification



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