Access control system connection mode and several networking modes

With the deepening of the degree of electronic intelligence in society, the access control systems we see now can be divided into: password access control systems, swipe card access control systems, and biometric access control systems based on different input devices, media and methods.

1. Integrated access control, also called independent access control

We started from the most primitive. This is also the most used office in some office buildings and the most affordable and cheap one. It is an access control machine, electromagnetic lock, door opening button, and power supply, which are combined to form a whole. It is installed on the gate to realize the access management function. If you need a larger function, you need to add a set of software. The premise is to realize the digitalization, which means that it needs to be connected to the Internet and establish an independent intranet. The following picture shows the integrated access control network diagram

     Advantages: The integrated access control is the first-level product of access control. It is simple and convenient to network, install, and debug. It is an essential system for small offices. The integrated access control has the following functions: password to open the door, swipe card to open the door, and button to open the door.

Disadvantages: Cannot realize network remote management, access control cards can only be authorized locally, and remote access control cards cannot be authorized. The total amount of access control cards is limited, and most of them can only store 2000 access control card information

  • RS485 access control mode

 Through the RS485 communication bus (must use a twisted pair or a set of network cables), the controller is connected to the RS485 converter (hub) by hand in series, and then connected to the computer serial port to achieve One computer (software) manages and communicates with multiple controllers.                                                   

 The theoretical distance between the farthest controller and the computer is 1200 meters. It is recommended that the customer control it within 800 meters, and the best results can be controlled within 300 meters. If the distance is too long, you can purchase a 485 repeater (extender) (please buy from a professional converter manufacturer. Whether the repeater is placed in the middle of the bus or the beginning, please refer to the instructions of the relevant manufacturer.) The repeater can theoretically be extended to 3000 meters

  • TCP/IP communication mode

The TCP/IP communication protocol is the current universal standard protocol for computer networks. It has the advantages of fast transmission speed, international standards, and good compatibility.

 The access method of the controller is the same as that of the HUB and computer network card of the local area network.

Communication distance:

 In a small local area network, the communication distance can be extended through the cascading of HUB, the communication distance of each level is up to 100 meters, and multiple levels can be cascaded. Moreover, large-scale local area networks can be extended to a long distance or even many kilometers through various methods such as optical fiber and wireless, and even across cities, it can also be connected to thousands of kilometers through the Internet. Number of loads: There is no limit in theory, HUB can be cascaded, and thousands of controllers can be networked without problems.

Communication speed:

The communication speed is fast. The communication speed of TCP/IP products is ten times or even dozens of times that of RS485 RS232 controllers. Up to 100 or even hundreds of upload permissions or download records per second. The following figure shows the networking mode of the network access control system

In summary, now is the era of the Internet. 485 bus-controlled access control has been withdrawn from the stage of history. The network access control system is the mainstream of the society. The additional functions of the network access control are more complete, making life more intelligent and faster. Therefore, weak current equipment is constantly being updated, moving towards more intelligent equipment and realizing the Internet of Everything

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