Intelligent curtain switch

▶Support APP remote on/off or automatic on/off in scene mode, saving effort and convenience   

▶upport manual operation and traditional application requirements

▶With resistance stop function, accurate measurement of the stroke, synchronized display of progress

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Product feature:

1. Adopting national standard 86 box design, AC power supply, in line with existing market standards, easy to install and use;
2. APP configuration button function, can achieve one control, multi-control first-class linkage;
3. Suitable for installation in the international 86 junction box.

◇☆◇More things, more intelligence

Why choose us?


High quality materials with strong electrical conductivity


Quality assurance, trustworthy

Flame retardant

High quality PC material, professional flame retardant


Withstands 50,000 plug-resistance tests


Strengthen the protective door and use electricity safer


High precision, easy installation

◇☆◇More things, more intelligence

    Product specifications:

Hardware specificationprocessorZigbee MCU
Zigbee wireless standardIEEE802.15.4
TerminalsL access, N access, L1 (on 1) L2 (off 1
Power supplyAC100V~240V
Software specificationCurtain designSupport switch mode switching
Support travel point setting, switch mode detection
control methodSupport remote control and management
Support manual light pull switch