Intelligent parking system

Eye of wisdom intelligent recognition

    Product features:

  • Freely select the display font color to display a more friendly camera that can be horizontal, up and down, and rotate the three-dimensional adjustment angle.
    Rotating screw hole at the bottom for easy adjustment of the body angle Built-in fill light Adjustable angle, waterproof
    A luxurious enclosure that combines a display, a fill light and a power supply
  • Diversified face entry: App, face device, photo batch import, USB camera capture, U disk import, etc., easy to enter and export
  • Made of precision, the equipment is waterproof and dustproof up to IP54
  • Using 2 million high-definition wide dynamic camera, it can quickly and accurately capture face information for verification comparison
  • Fast face recognition, technology blessing, perfect performance without networking
  • Live detection, anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting
  • Security capture: video information collection and warning for incoming and outgoing personnel

◇☆◇More IoT more intelligence

    Product feature:

Million HD

nfrared 30 meters


3D intelligent noise reduction

Clearer at night

◇☆◇More IoT more intelligence

    Application scenario:

Sunny day – daytime

Rainy day – daytime

Rainy day – night

Sunny day – night