Gas alarm

▶Combustible gas detection 

▶APP Alarm

▶With resistance stop function, accurate measurement of the stroke, synchronized display of progress

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Product feature:

1. Indoor flammable gas monitoring, when the flammable gas concentration exceeds the safety standard, an alarm message is sent to the system.

2. AC power supply, in line with existing market standards, easy to install and use;

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Why choose us?


High quality materials with strong electrical conductivity


Quality assurance, trustworthy

Flame retardant

High quality PC material, professional flame retardant


Withstands 50,000 plug-resistance tests


Strengthen the protective door and use electricity safer


High precision, easy installation

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    Product specifications:

Hardware specificationprocessorZigbee MCU
Zigbee wireless standardIEEE802.15.4
TerminalsL access, N access, L1 (on 1) L2 (off 1
Power supplyAC100V~240V
Software specificationCurtain designSupport switch mode switching
Support travel point setting, switch mode detection
control methodSupport remote control and management
Support manual light pull switch