VF618T Face recognition video intercom

    Product feature:

  • Diversified face input: App, face equipment, batch import of photos, USB camera capture, U disk import, etc., easy input and export
  • Exquisitely crafted, the equipment is waterproof and dustproof up to IP65
  • Using 2 million high-definition wide dynamic camera, can quickly and accurately capture face information for verification and comparison
  • Fast face recognition without internet connection, technology blessing, perfect performance
  • Diversified unlocking: mobile phone unlocking / face recognition unlocking / optional QR code unlocking / property management unlocking
  • compatible password swiping card/phone unlocking
  • Live detection, anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting
  • Rich information dissemination, text, pictures, and videos can all be distributed
  • Remote cloud operation, synchronous update, view device status information
  • Security capture: collection of video information of personnel entering and exiting, early warning

    Application field:

Community access


Technology Building

Elevator ladder control


Smart campus


 Product parameters:

woke pattern Internet, offline
operating system:Android
CPU:ARM 4core
Internet connection Ethernet /WiFi/4G Optional
power supply:DC 12V 5A
Operating temperature:-25℃-65℃
Working humidity:10%-95%
input interfaceOpen button, tamper, door magnet, alarm, etc.
Alarm functionSupport tampering, illegal door opening alarm, door open time alarm, fire linkage
Access control function:ace recognition, mobile APP remote open / Bluetooth open / CPU card / ID card / dynamic password to open the door
Product Features:Brush face open / mobile APP Bluetooth one button to open the door / shake a door open / enter the door automatically open / remote door / visitor temporary password to open the door