Smart socket
Support customization

    Product feature:

  • Portable smart socket, plug and play, upgrades legacy devices to smart devices without modification
  • Support manual and remote control, combined with sensing device and program customization, can achieve personalized, intelligent power management, improve power security and achieve energy saving
  • With real-time monitoring of electricity consumption, the power consumption of home appliances is easy to grasp

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    Why choose us?


High quality materials with strong electrical conductivity


Quality assurance, trustworthy

Flame retardant

High quality PC material, professional flame retardant


Withstands 50,000 plug-resistance tests


Strengthen the protective door and use electricity safer


Easy to install, save money and save money

◇☆◇More IoT more intelligence

    Product specifications:

Hardware specificationprocessorZigbee MCU
Zigbee wireless standardIEEE802.15.4
Socket typeCombination socket: two core + three core
Rated current10A
Rated voltageAC100V~240V
USB output5V/A
Software specificationcontrol methodSupport remote control and manageme
Support physical button mode to control power failure
Power detectionPower detection, accuracy 5%