Internet of Things + Smart Cloud. Meet the future

Company Profile

     Shenzhen Thinmoo Technology Co.Ltd., a high-tech enterprise specializing in smart Communities,smart families, the company has deep technical accumulation in internet audio and video communications,intelligent hardware,security,artificial intelligence; In Beijing,Shanghai,Xi’an,Weifang,Chongqing and other places have branches and offices,with national service capabilities.The company has the industry-leading mobile internet-based smart community and smart home series products and solutions,the main products are mobile phone Bluetooth QR code cloud access control,face recognition cloud intercom,community robots,samart home products and cloud platforms;for Vanke,Stars,Construction Bank,Agricultural Bank,Jinke,Fangyuan,Zhujiang Real Estate,R&F Shangpu,weigu and other domestic famous brands provide products and services for many real estate,internet and security companies in Malaysia,Singapore,the United States,and the United Kingdom.
Based on the business philosophy of ‘customer first,quality first,serious and hard work’,the company is open and win-win,constantly creating high-quality products,returning customers with quality products,and creating a better community service!

   Our company mainly focuses on smart communities and smart city construction services, which can advertise for communities and cities, and provide a leading smart hardware ecosystem based on the mobile Internet.

Corporate motto

Teamwork, technology innovation

Business philosophy

Customer first, quality first

Service purposes

Quality service and honesty


  • Mature SDK API interface, successfully docking hundreds of enterprise customers to meet the needs of various scenarios


  • Mature mobile terminal development SDK framework, a small amount of code, fast access, and implementation of multiple scenarios

Have a future

  • The cloud platform has served the top ten real estate properties, unleashing the strong power of the Internet of Things


  • Multi-application development, fully supporting application development such as APP, WeChat public account, applet, etc.


  • Strong R&D team, quick docking solution


  • Strong technical support, perfect after-sales system more than 30 after-sales outlets nationwide, covering a wide range


Customer case

Vanke Deer City


Guangzhou Pearl River Property Sports Garden

China Resources City Garden

Hongrongyuan Shangfeng Garden

AEON Yongle Suzhou Eslite Residence

Micro Valley Maker Center